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by Linda Tsetis, 15 May 2015

About me

Can you keep a secret? Rumor has it I’m having an affair.

It was love at first sight. Like that sweet sensation when you take your first sip from a perfectly made ginger cocktail on a rooftop in New York. Divine.
We met in Athens in 1987. It was June 15th and blistering hot. Greek summers are known to be very sensual. I opened my eyes and looked into his face. It must have been then – right there – when it hit me: what a beauty, what a catch…hello world!

Yes it’s true; I’m in love with the world. Head over (my very high) heels, from the moment I was born. For the past 29 years we are in a passionate love affair. I date Athens, New York, Amsterdam, Barcelona and many more. There’s always space for more. What can I say, I am a flirty girl.

I love to travel. It helps that my family is scattered all over the world. I have loved-ones living in Greece, the Netherlands and the States. It also helps that I have a thing for the good life. I’m the type of person who takes a plane to visit her favorite tapas bar in Barcelona…. I mean the burrata cheese and empanadas of Bar Cañete are too die for! Are you kidding me, I’d fly there any time of the day. Same for cocktails and Japanese food by the way…

And so I roam the earth with my big black suitcase – a stylish one, of course, but one that’s covered with wrinkly airport stickers from wherever the wind blows. It’s filled with the bare essentials of every Woman Of The World: one passport, one pair of high heels, one MAC Russian Red lipstick, and….my camera. I love to capture pretty things. Life’s too short for ugly.

As you can see, my love for people and places brings me everywhere. And one fine day I decided to share my experiences with you. Why? So you will embrace the world as well.

Here at World’s Affair you can read all about the very best travel destinations, nightlife hotspots, fashion and to die for restaurants. But that’s not all! World’s Affair is also my platform to spread positivity, laughter and pureness. Because I believe life is beautiful when YOU are beautiful, from the outside AND the inside.

So I invite you to enter my world. For your regular dose of inspiration, must-sees, wanna-haves and bucket loads of stylish sunshine!