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by Linda Tsetis, 14 June 2015 , In Geen categorie

In style with a floral pants

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Last week I was on a mission… As I was walking down the streets I was observing the kind of trousers women wear. My conclusion was: around 90% of the women wear black trousers or blue jeans. There’s nothing wrong about that, but I think that now and then we should play around with some basics that we wear almost every day. The funny thing about changes in fashion is: the minimum risk but the maximum style effect. We see prints in dresses and tops more often, but let’s do the opposite by changing the pants. Let me convince you about what makes me happy about this look…

First of all you have to accept the transition of the trousers, from skinny to the models that are wider from the knees downward. With this type you create a classy vibe and you can turn the look up in a second. For example, I wore this outfit to a chic dinner last week, but with cute sandals and some extra accessories I perfectly transformed it into a festival/hippie look. I know that with this kind off trousers, you will be a point of conversation, but at least you will be noticed (in a good way) and you will show a sense of fun and brightness.

I remember that there was a time that it was really hard to find printed bottoms, but luckily you can find a lot of different types in different kind of colors and prints nowadays. I love these lightweight pants and off course high waisted. Perfect to combine with a crop top, which makes it elegant and cute. You are ready for this season and be honest, flowers and prints cheer you up, right?

Outfit details

Floral pants  – Zara
Top (similar) – Asos
Bag – Yves Saint Laurent
Shoes – Supertrash
Photos by Daphne Krijgsman – DK Photography

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