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by Linda Tsetis, 28 September 2015 , In Geen categorie

It’s a hair affair…

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In life, it often takes a few failed attempts before you finally reach your goal. Nothing is truer in case of finding thé perfect hairdresser. I can honestly say that I have had to fight my way through a thick jungle of disappointing hairdressers before finally finding my match made in heaven. Every hair type is different, and requires another type of treatment. Same goes for the hair style! There’s a fitting hair-do for every lady, to find the right one however, is challenging at times. A good hairdresser cannot only advise you about different styles, he can also update your entire look by using the right products and methods. Every day should be a good-hair day!

‘Gorgeous hair is the best revenge’ – Ivana Trump

New York City is home to one of my favourite hairdressers. Although I would love to make my NYC trips a monthly ritual for the occasion, I had to find his equal closer to home. And I have found him! Peter Borsje is the absolute crème de la crème when it comes to hair gurus. So for the ones who life in my homedown his salon called Visualz by Peter Borsje. My hair was in desperate need of a boost, and this man has not let me down. What I personally find really important, is that your hair dresser actually listens to your crazy stories about hair-dos you saw on ‘The Kardashians’, which are completely wrong for your hair-type (of course). Although some of our wishes may be a tad unrealistic, it is nice to know your hair is the hands of someone who tries to take care of your demands in the best way possible. Peter listens to what I want, and adds his own ideas and adjustments. Last time, he introduced me to this brand new technique in hair dressing called ‘balayage’, where your hair is dyed in a very natural-looking ‘layered’ way, We decided to give it a shot, and voila, I’ve never been happier! He also applies the Olaplex treatment, which works miracles for damaged hair. After the treatment it felt strong, silky and healthy. And as I told you a few mounts ago I still take my one and only Nutrafol super supplements, from natural ingredients for stronger and healthier hair. I can only advise you guys to never give up the search for the perfect hairdresser and products! Good hair treatments can be quite an investment, but than again, your hair-do is your number one accessory!

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