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DIANA VREELAND: Empress of style
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DIANA VREELAND: Empress of style

23 July 2016

Throughout fashion history, the streets of London, Paris and New York have always been marched by visionary editors, inspirational actresses, and style icons with that hint of ‘je ne sais quoi’. Whether we are guided by Audrey Hepburn’s flawless classic elegance, or Madonna’s ‘I-don’t-care-what-others-think’ attitude, icons have a huge impact on our lives.

Aside from being my personal life & style inspiration, Diana Vreeland is without a doubt one of the greatest fashion editors of all times. Daily, women all over the world skim the pages of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar for their healthy dose of fashion and lifestyle inspiration. Magazines that have both thrived under the influence of the ‘Empress of Style’ miss Vreeland.

“Vulgarity is a very important ingredient in life. I’m a great believer in vulgarity- if it’s got vitality. A little bad taste is like a nice splash of paprika. We all need a splash of bad taste- it’s hearty, it’s healthy, it’s physical. I think we could use more of it. No taste is what I’m against.”- 
Diana Vreeland.

Aside from being a kick-ass editor, Paris-born Diana was famous for her vibrant personality, always boosting people to reinvent themselves. She encouraged Manolo Blahnik to pursue his shoe-designing ambition (thank-god), and styled all time favourite Jackie Kennedy.

Her attitude and self-confidence makes me smile… and the way she looks, her makeup, and the way she moves with her eyes when she talks… makes me want to look and listen to her all the time. Diane von Furstenberg once mentioned how “she saw things in people before they saw it themselves”. I wish everybody had someone like this in life. Because sometimes we all need a helping hand or a compliment that helps us to make new steps in life. She saw beauty in people. And not just beauty like the perfect face, mouth or nose whom commercials and perfection taught us now a days. No, a face, which tells you, something and that has nothing to do with perfection. A smile, an eye, a way of thinking can make someone special and interesting to look at or to fall in love with ;-). The same with her saying: ‘No taste is what I’m against.’ It’s so true because there’s no bad thing about different kind of styles. And in the end it’s all about true elegance in the mind and feeling good in your own skin and being happy.

I personally really admire people who are confident, think outside of the box and let’s not forget, are a tad crazy in life. Diana Vreeland was an amazing innovative personality, who has pressed her stamp on the world, and never failed to inspire.

I’m sure I will meet my icon one day…. In another life…

Speak to you next week!

XX Linda Tsetis – World’s Affair