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My favorite hidden hotspots in Barcelona
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My favorite hidden hotspots in Barcelona

22 July 2016

Hey there!

I’m sure you noticed on my Instagram that I’ve been to one of my favorite cities: Barcelona!! Wow, I love that city! Especially because after a lot of visits, I’m starting to understand the city more and more… A year ago I wrote an article about my favorite rooftops and restaurants for lunch and dinner. But a metropolitan city like Barcelona changes all the time, so I want to add some more hidden gems, which you will love.. I will let you know the places I’ve been during this trip and some nice transportation to get to know the city..

Cruising Barcelona
Lets start with your transportation… This is your perfect transportation for Barcelona city! It’s so easy and you can visit and discover all your hidden gems without waiting for taxi’s or other public transportation. We had so much fun! And the bikes are amazing! You can choose for a tour with a guide, but you can also do the same we did. Just rent your bike and just go with the flow.. You will see much more of the city and discover more wonderful places!

Milk Brunch Barcelona
Whether you come for brunch or for dinner, this restaurant is always full. And I know why! Because of the great atmosphere, delicious food and good service. It’s a comfortable and trendy place at the same time. It reminds me of being in New York because of the international vibe. Love to come here for a recovery brunch with friends! It’s always hard to decide what to eat because everything on the menu seems to be so good. The blueberry pancakes and the poached eggs are my favorite!

Restaurant Arume
This is a place which I love to share with you. This is one of my hidden gems, which you have to know about. Otherwise you probably will not go to this neighborhood in the evening and you easily walk by it. They call the cuisine a Galician kitchen. The super friendly staff told me that Galicia is well known for there great cuisine. And Yes, I totally agree! The chefs are Asian, Mexican and Spanish, so what do you expect? Great food if you ask me! It’s a very ‘boho’ kind of atmosphere, with beautiful crowd. I’ve seen locals but also different kind of cultures. Love that! While waiting for our table, many people arrived for dinner, but unfortunately for them, they didn’t make a reservation. So remember to book a table in advance. This place is highly recommended by me if you are looking for something local and not typical a ‘touristic’ place. A must go when you visit Barcelona!

Brunch & cake by the beach
What a colorful place! I discovered this restaurant by accident when we came from the beach. To be honest I saw a big carrot cake and I told my friends… Oh my god! Do you see that cake?? Let’s take a piece and go home.. And that’s what we did.. That also gave me the change to look around.. I saw such a beautiful decorated plates! It was colorful, just like a painting! Also this place reminded me of New York… The next morning our plan was to go for a delicious breakfast! This became one of my favorite places for a early breakfast.. The banana bread is amazing!

Agust Gastrobar
Unfortunately we didn’t make it to visit Restaurant Agust.. But it was high on my list to visit! Just another reason to visit Barcelona again I think 😉 My friends who live in Barcelona are crazy in love with this restaurant. And to be honest I’m sure I will share their opinion. That’s why I must add this restaurant on my list.. I love the combination of a Mediterranean, Asian fusion cuisine!

Moncho’s las Sardinitas
My favorite place for paella at the beach. For me there’s nothing that sounds better than having a nice lunch somewhere along the beach with a nice view. Around lunchtime it gets very busy, so it gets a little chaotic, but that’s what I love about this place. The staff is running around you with the most impressing paella and other fishplates. I always order the paella and the most simple, but so tasty dish; pan con tomate (bread with tomato). It reminds me of Ibiza because of the summer/beach atmosphere.

El Nacional Barcelona
Wow, I Loveeeee this place. They call it a multi space restaurant and yes, I can’t describe it in other words. It’s an amazing area with a magnificent decoration. It’s one space with different kind of areas/restaurants where you can decide where to eat. For example there is an oyster bar, a tapas bar, etc. A chic, must go hidden gem!

Cera 23
Great cocktails combined with delicious food? This is your call… Love this place! This restaurant has a vintage décor but in the same time also modern. It has a Mediterranean cuisine, that always works for me 😉

Viana tapas bar
I loved this cozy restaurant in the heart of Barcelona. The food is delicious and we tasted the love that they put in every dish. I really enjoyed being here and if you are looking for a relax atmosphere with a surprising cuisine.. Than this is a must go.

Vicino Pizza Bar
Vicino restaurant is a comfortable place in the neighborhood La Barceloneta (near by the beach). They have a small terrace where you can relax with friends and enjoy the Italian sharing concept with a good glass of Cava. I loved everything on the menu! Great, thin, crispy with fresh ingredients pizza’s… I’m getting hungry while thinking about it.

La Tinaja
La Tinaga is a super cute restaurant in the center of the neighborhood El Born. It’s a warm decorated place with a great atmosphere like an Iberian wine cellar. As you can imagine, it’s a very warm and cozy place. The entrance is through a small heavy wooden door, so you can’t easy walk through it. That makes the place a more hidden gem. The cuisine is an authentic Catalonian and Spanish dining experience with an excellent wine list. Reservation is recommended, especially for the weekend.

El Paradiso
A super cool hidden cocktail bar! It’s a new hotspot in town. It’s worth visiting and experiences the show they make to prepare your cocktail. Loved it! Before you go inside you see a sandwich (pastrami) bar and behind the door you enter a beautiful chic, fashionable cocktail bar. They make the craziest cocktails and the place is very unique decorated!