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Viva la rebel…
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Viva la rebel…

27 July 2016

Fashion is exciting, of course. But there is more to being stylish and sophisticated than just the right jacket! Guess what, something that money cannot buy you. Guts! The key to becoming that one fabulous, long-legged (we can dream), hip-swaying girl you jealously passed on the streets, is very much within your reach. Ladies, it’s all about the attitude… Viva la rebel!

“It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy” – Steve Jobs

You can wear fabulous clothes all you want, as long as your attitude doesn’t match the dress, au revoir statement look. Be happy, it is said a smile is the best accessory… Am I a true rebel? You could definitely say so! I love picking out crazy and unique fashion pieces, and combine them with whatsoever is hanging in my closet. The less you worry about what other people think of you, the more fun you’ll have, trust me. And what better place on earth to be rebellious, than New York City! New York embraces my craziness with open arms. Endless nights of clubbing, dining, laughing, dancing… There’s nothing like it. When walking the NYC streets, every minute or so, a person walks by who has me staring in amazement. People dare to be themselves, and the craziest version of themselves so now and then… I dare you to be different! A true rebel goes against the stream, and takes her own path through life. Don’t let opportunities pass by; grab them with both hands instead! So I say, viva la rebel!

Let’s celebrate standing out, being different, wearing crazy-unique items, and going al out!

X Linda