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by Linda Tsetis, 17 July 2015 , In Geen categorie

My favorite Mykonos hotspots..

Where glamour meets simplicity…. Mykonos Baby!

Mykonos is the most famous island in the Cycladic of the Aegean Sea. It’s such a beautiful and special island with a lot of energy, which should be added immediately to your bucket list!! ☺ Mykonos will treat every traveller in many ways, because the island offers endless options like entertainment, relaxing, nightlife, great food etc. The cosmopolitan and sophisticated lifestyle, the historic treasure and the natural beauty of the island, are the recipe for an unforgettable holiday! Mykonos is a small island and therefore it’s easy to explore. But still, it’s good to have some information from an insider. Sometimes it’s hard to explain how special a place is to me. If you would ask me to describe Mykonos in a few worlds I would say: magical, energetic, inspiring, idyllic, fashionable, spiritual, and full of mystery.

There are many places you can stay in Mykonos. One of my favourite hotels is Greco Philia. Greco Philia is a beautiful hotel with a breath-taking view and spectacular suites. The staff and their service is amazing.. Everybody is so helpful and kind. The staff knows everything about the island, so they can give you every advice or recommendation you need. The suites are decorated beautifully in Mykonos style and located on the top hill of Elia beach, which gives you a non-stop breath-talking view. Highly recommended!

Beaches & restaurants
I love-love-love the beaches in Mykonos! I will give you my favourite beach hotspots but you can also check them all, to be sure you won’t miss anything. You can do this by a little fisherman boat or of course by car. If you start at one beach you can take the ‘water taxi’ that will take you to the next beach. I would always recommend hiring a car in Mykonos so you are free to go everywhere you want and check different places on the island. The island has only 30 taxi drivers, so you should rent a car to be comfortable. Another important thing to know is; When visiting Mykonos in the high season months (July and August), I would strongly recommend to make reservations at the most popular beaches in advance, to make sure you will have sun beds/umbrellas.

Psarou Beach
The most famous beaches are located at the southern coast. Psarou beach is one of the most popular beaches of the island, because of the beautiful, idyllic and glamorous atmosphere. It’s one of my favorite beaches in Mykonos. It’s a well-known, high-class beach where you can relax and enjoy the real beauty of this island. It’s not too small and definitely not too big. When I’m at this beach I lay down at Nammos Beach Club where I also enjoy a late lunch at their restaurant. It’s a well-known, magical restaurant, with a great setting. The food is extremely good and the fish is so delightful! Also be prepared for a crazy beach party!

Paraga beach
Paraga beach is also one of the beaches you should not miss. When visiting this beach area, I always go to beach club Kalua Mykonos Paraga. This beach club is located on this stunning beach with a great atmosphere and service. It’s a small beach area with a mixed crowd with a classy party atmosphere. The fruit shakes are amazing and later in the afternoon it’s time for the exotic cocktails. For lunch I would definitely recommend the restaurant of Kalua. It’s beautiful decorated and you would me amazed by the food they serve. This is one of my destinations for an ultimate summer feeling.

Agios Sostis
A total different beach like the ones mentioned above.. This is also one of my favorite beaches in Mykonos. This beach is located in the Northern part of the island, about 6 km from Chora (Mykonos Town). It’s like a calm boho-retro beach, which is preferred by the locals and people who just want to enjoy the pureness, unspoiled and clear water. Keep in mind that you won’t find any sun beds or beach services at this beach. Visiting this beach should always be combined with visiting one of the best taverns in Mykonos, named Kiki’s Taverne. A Taverna without a sign or a phone number. Kiki’s is located above the beach and hidden behind the trees that surround it. You can’t make a reservation in advance so there is always a line around lunchtime. But believe me, a line is always a good sign!! You should taste the barbecue meat and the fresh fish, served with great salads such as artichokes with Parmesan in lemon-mustard dressing. It’s a must go!

More restaurants…
I already mentioned a few lunch places at my favorite beaches like Nammos Restaurant and Kiki’s Taverne. I could not choose just one favorite place, so I will make you add more ‘to die for restaurants’ at your list…

Interni Restaurant/bar
For a super classy restaurant, where food meets glamour… This is the right place to be! Enjoying food and drinks in a beautiful garden in the heart of Mykonos Town. This is also one of my favorite places to relax and enjoy the beauty of Mykonos. Perfect exotic drinks, stylish ambiance, super music (it’s possible to end up dancing on the table). Just the perfect place to have diner in style. Make sure you reserve a table in advance. It’s a must GO!

Alemagou in Ftelia Beach Mykonos
This is a place to dine, drink and get a perfect evening in style! When you come during the day you have to taste the best cocktails that’ll keep you cool in the sun. You can expect a perfect twist of the Greek traditional cuisine when having lunch or diner. During the night it has a super cozy and intimate atmosphere. I love the way they designed the restaurant with traditional Cycladic architecture and the typical Mykonos elements.

Panormos restaurant at Panormos Beach
This is also one of the covered spots at the beach for the perfect all-day getaway. This place is well known for the seafood and delicious cocktails. When I’m laying here at this beach I can only think about the beauty Greece has to offer….

Lamed in Agia Anna
Sometimes you think you have to travel all away to the Caribbean to get that tropical feeling. Well, these kinds of places (and even better) are closer then you think. Restaurant Lamed is such a cute place, decorated with a bohemian touch. The dishes are delicious and some tables are located just in the sand. Having lunch or diner at the beach while feeling the sand around my feed, means an ultimate summer feeling to me.

Astra Bar
Astra Bar is one of the coolest bars in town.. When you are in Mykonos you have to visit this classy place with his beautiful crowd. It’s a small place with a good mix between nightclub and lounge. I love these kinds of places because it has an intimate atmosphere with a glamorous touch. You can order the most exotic cocktails or the most exclusive wines. It’s a must go to feel the nightlife of Mykonos in a classy and fabulous way.

Jacky O
This place is FUN! It’s located on the seawall of the old harbor of Mykonos. I love the motto they have, its like: ‘from sunset to sunrise in style’. Hihi! What do you want more? I think it’s the best promise a place like this can make. At this place fun is guaranteed! There are some great nightly Dragsshows, really worth seeing!

Mykonos town (Chora) has so many too cute shops. The variety of caftan dresses and accessories is endless. I can walk through the small village for hours! The streets are breath taking and you can shop some unique fashion pieces. From expansive, to very cheap. Some of the most beautiful caftans can be find in a new shop near by Nammos Beach club. When walking to the beach you will pass this very cute, small shop, named Psarou Kaftans & Beachwear.



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