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by Linda Tsetis, 5 September 2015 , In Geen categorie

Live in the moment

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Live in the moment with life getting busier and busier, faster and faster, and more hectic than ever, we are often being told to ‘live in the moment’. Enjoy things while they last! Less worrying, and more joy.

I am also a firm believer of day-to-day living! Stop worrying about your life in five years, and start appreciating everyday moments. Dinner with your girlfriends, a beautiful sundown, good-hair days… Moments that put a smile on your face! As a fashion and lifestyle blogger, I’m all about capturing the moment. Always armed with my phone and camera, ready to snap a shot at any moment. “Wait up girls, I have to take a picture” is a sentence my friends are more than used to by now haha…

“If you have the opportunity to play this game of life you need to appreciate every moment. A lot of people don’t appreciate the moment until it’s passed” – Kanye West

The big question is… when does capturing the moment start to get in the way of living in the moment? We are all so busy instagramming and facebooking our whereabouts and special moments, do we actually still enjoy them?! Is spending ten minutes taking pictures of your lovely Italian dinner worth it getting cold? Is you recording your favorite Adele song at her concert worth actually missing the experience? Have we, maybe, gone a little overboard? I guess Kanye makes a good point up there, appreciate the moment ánd the memory! It’s all about balance… There is no shame in bringing your selfie-game to every dinner and vacation (we all love a good pic), just realize and appreciate what you’re capturing! All we have is now!

X Linda

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    • Karin
      Reply Cancel Reply
    • September 13, 2015

    So true! Xo

  • Love this article, so true and inspiring. I think we enjoy this moment too little and worry about stupid stuff too much. Love your blog, Linda!

      • Linda Tsetis
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      • October 20, 2015

      That's so sweet! Thank you so much XXX

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