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by Linda Tsetis, 29 March 2016 , In Geen categorie

Miracle worker: Miranda Martinez

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We all have people in our lives we seriously admire. Whether it’s because of their achievements, personality, or simply because of the atmosphere they breathe, there’s always someone! If there is one personality treat I truly respect, it is the ability to juggle loads and loads of stuff (especially since I am a typical one-thing-at-the-time-girl). Miranda Martinez is one of those ever-busy ladies, and more importantly, one of my inspiring examples in life.

Now you may ask yourself, who is Miranda? She is “head of design & product” for high-end lingerie giant Marlies Dekkers. Aside from making sure the quality of the products is upheld 24/7, she is the embodiment of a power woman, full of inspiration, and not to forget, an incredibly kind person! She travels the world, looking for cool fabrics as far as in Sri Lanka. Miranda has been working with Marlies from the earliest days of the brand on, and that’s where I met her! Working for Marlies was a great experience, where I met tons of inspiring people, all of whom have left their own personal mark on me.


“Time to get creative, and follow my dream!” -Miranda Martinez-

Miranda herself is a real innovative thinker, and comes up with the most exciting new ideas! Sometimes, she gets her inspiration from her own experience… She mentioned herself that it is hard to score a kick-ass high-end look, when you’re not the average size 38. To her, buying clothes is about cherry picking at her favourite brands, because there isn’t that much available to her taste & size. “Wouldn’t it be great to change this?” It’s just an idea, but designing a high-end plus size collection for women is just one of the many awesome ideas Miranda comes up with!

Not only is she amazing at her job, she’s also very artistic! With a degree in fashion in her pocket she certainly knows how to draw, but never really realised that she got true talent! But she sure is good with a pencil… (that’s an understatement!). I can stare at her simple-lined drawings mindlessly, discovering new things every time. And here it comes: she even drew me. I am absolutely in love with the sketches! And I definitely want to share them with you guys….

Do you want to know more about Miranda? check out her instagram account ->
Miranda Martinez

Come and take a look!

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    • March 30, 2016

    Dear Linda, What a beautiful and sweet article you wrote about Miranda. And all of it is true. Makes me feel even more proud of her then I already am. Thank you so much! Succes with world's affair Big kiss Pim

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