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by Linda Tsetis, 30 September 2015 , In Geen categorie

What is a statement piece?

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The word “statement piece” is used so often in Fashion and I also use this word a lot in my articles. Normally I use ‘statement’ for necklaces. Like big, overwhelming pieces that dominate your look. So this got me thinking about other fashion statement pieces.. I think statement pieces are very important for every person who likes to dress herself up.. It makes your outfit speak out your personality..

Another thing I love about statement pieces is my search for it.. Especially when I’m traveling I love to find some unique pieces. That can be jewerly, like a necklace or a big ring but also a cool jacket, an oversized piece ore a beautiful scarf. You just have to bump into it and patiently wait for the right piece. Today I wear this cool jacket, which I really love because of the colors and the design. It’s a statement piece that can be worn with basic items. The funny thing though, is that a statement piece can also be interpreted as overwhelming… For example, I’ve got a big white fake fur coat that makes me feel so fashionable and glamorous. And every time I’m wearing that coat, people make fun of it (in a good way) or you get questions like; “Wow, do you really dare to wear that coat, it’s so flashy!” I mostly feel super confident about everything I’m wearing, so this is definitely not a confession about uncertainty. But my conclusion is that you have to dear to wear a statement piece. Because whether it’s a positive or a negative compliment, I’m sure people will stare. And a lot of them will say something about your statement piece.. I just love to attract the attention by playing with fashion statement pieces.. Fashion is FUN!

Speak to you soon!

X Linda

Outfit details

Jacket – Bazar Deluxe available @Keizer & Keizer
Denim short with studs – H&M
Bag – Chanel
Shoes – Supertrash

Photos by Daphne Krijgsman – DK Photography

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  • I love your jacket! It is indeed quite mind-boggling but it suits you very well! I also love statement pieces and I just wrote an article about it as well: I am very curious what you think! Xx Susanne -

    • Amy
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    • September 30, 2015

    love the combo, color looks great on you!!

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