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by Linda Tsetis, 22 October 2015 , In Geen categorie

Style and the city

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Hi dears!

Today I show you one of my new NewYork Street style looks. I was lucky enough to have beautiful weather so I could wear almost everything I wanted. And this time I chose to shine in my silver/metallic too cute skirt.

The length of the skirt is as you know one of my favourite (the midi skirt) and the color matches almost with everything! With this kind of pieces you will never look boring. After this street style shoot, I went to this amazing Hotel … and had some delicious cocktails with friends. What a Night! And now comes the best part.. After a couple of drinks and a lot of laughter we had a reservation at the restaurant Spice Market. This is now also one of my favourite restaurants… The atmosphere is so sexy and cool. So, an outfit to shine out in is a must! =))

Let me know, What do you think about my style and the city look?
Speak to you soon!

X Linda

Outfit details

Top – H&M
Skirt – Zara
Watch – Renard Watches
Sunglasses – FREYRS

Photos by Daphne Krijgsman – DK Photography

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